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Kitting | Fulfillment | Distribution

CP Printers takes the next step by providing kitting, fulfillment and distribution in house. We not only have the ability to create and print a package specific to your needs but also oversee it’s progress into the realms of the consumer.

Over the last twenty years, many manufacturers have relied on overseas production of products and packaging. Today, we are seeing a trend of corporations realizing that America’s consumers want American products. Consequently, they now are demanding products that sustain sound American jobs – not just a teenager at the register. Products manufactured overseas are increasingly reaching our shores with the need for kitting, fulfillment and distribution to retail hubs across the mainland.

CP Printers has always employed local staff to meet these demands for manufacturers, retialers and distributors alike. In addition to our printing abilities, providing in-house technical expertise for fulfilling carded packaging, shipping containment and distribution operations has become of utmost importance.

Kitting Capabilities Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Blister Card Sealing
  • Skin Card Kitting / Sealing
  • Hand Assembly / Finishing
  • Low Volume Folding Gluing