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Robinson’s Remedies

Low Volume Folding Cartons + Counter POP Displays

Cincinnati Printers has had the honor to work with Robinson’s Remedies to develop economical folding cartons and counter POP displays for their most recent product launch. This past summer, we designed and printed individual hanging folding cartons for their ‘Lip Repair’ product utilizing our Blister Combo Program. Soon after, we printed the same carton design with new artwork for a second product – ‘Lip Renew’. Just in time for the cold weather season, we also custom designed and printed counter POP displays for both products. Our customer couldn’t be more pleased!

Cincinnati Printers would like to thank Robinson’s Remedies for their positive feedback and we look forward to working with them in the near future!

Please visit Robinson’s Remedies website for information on their current products!

Green Packaging Featured on National TV!

Over the last year, Cincinnati Printers has worked with Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired to design and print green packaging such as folding cartons, wraps and sleeves for eco-friendly party supplies. We recently partnered with the center to help promote Cups with a Cause – their newest line of compostable and biodegradable paper cups.

Clovernook’s mission is to provide life-enriching job opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired. In the last year alone, their manufacturing facility produced over 2 million cups for the US Navy and sold over 3 million socially responsible party supplies through third party sales at local stores like Whole Foods and Target. They also manufactured biodegradable specimen cups for the Cincinnati Zoo.

As Cincinnati’s leader in producing Cups with a Cause, Clovernook Center was recently featured on FYI Network’s newest show, Home Factory! Congratulations to all the heroes at Clovernook who have overcome the challenges of vision impairment and made these projects a success!

Cups with a Cause are available in 10oz or 16oz sizes in a variety of colors and patterns or can be custom printed for businesses, organizations, special events and everyday occasions. For more information, or to request a quote, please contact and learn about our green packaging initiative.

To watch the full episode of ‘The Bear Necessities’ as presented on Home Factory, click here.

Verifresh Custom Point of Purchase Displays (POP)

Cincinnati Printers created these Point of Purchase Displays (POPs) for Verifresh. These custom point of purchase displays are convertible from one flat piece with no glue flaps to decrease cost yet still allow for easy conversion to a standing display with header. The side arms and back header have a perforated dielines for easy removal and/or use. Also, there is direction on how to erect these directly on the back of the POP itself for ease of use.

In this project, Verifresh requested a certain number per POP/inner pack and master pack. Cincinnati Printers procured the Master Pack’s per spec and fit required. Timeline goals were met and expectations were exceeded.

With a proven history managing inventory and handling product through distribution to many retail outlets, Cincinnati Printers can deliver on your next POP project. Call for a quote today!

LunchBox Buddies – Quirky notepads full of fun sentiment

Cincinnati Printers is happy to support our customer’s effort in getting this great product out to market! Jim Adorney, founder of LunchBox Buddies, has first hand knowledge the impact his product has on his audience -because they are his own children! His products are notepads with various quirky cartoon characters and a simple fun message to lighten the lunchtime hour. Parents can use them to strengthen the connection to their kids midday while kids can decorate them, trade them or just enjoy the quirky sentiment with a giggle.

Cincinnati Printers prints, collates and pads the notes for our client. Then we blisterpack them with internally procured blister shells. The most challenging factor in producing this awesome product is keeping the tight QC needed because of the multiple images and volumes involved.

You can watch Jim explain the product in more detail on the upcoming morning show on November 8th, around 9:00 AM (time is approximate based on the morning schedule). The show is Indy Style, a morning segment on WISH TV in Indy (the CBS affiliate there).

As of now, Lunchbox Buddies are sold mainly in southern MA and NY with hope to expand to markets across the nation. Please pass the word and get some for yourself here:

Giving Back! Miami University students learn about Retail Carded Packaging…

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Miami University
Oxford OH Est. 1809

Every semester at Miami University, Cincinnati Printers is asked to participate in a Sales and Marketing class for their sales challenge project. It includes 3-4 students teamed up to learn our business, shadow on sales calls and production. In turn they pose as CP and sell our services and products back to us; we act as a current customer or prospect of CP. This is our way to give back to our community. We believe that real world experiences such as internship and in field projects greatly improve a student’s understanding and readiness.

With that being said…some gems come out of these experiences for us. We are enriched with the creative thinking these fresh minds bring to the table in selling our services and products back to us. Retail print and packaging is a technical industry so where they lack in that we see idea generation outside of mainstream. At the end of each project, these students are genuinely appreciative of the experience. Not only do they learn about Cincinnati Printers, strategy in sales, but also take away an appreciation for what goes into structural, graphic design and print production of CPG packaging. Cincinnati Printers is pleased to give back to the young minds at Miami University.

Strawzzle: Total Print Management

Strawzzle… Avert the Squirt!

Our valued client, an engineer by trade, came to us about a year ago with his wonderfully useful, creative product – Strawzzle. It is a beverage straw created specifically to prevent spills and squirts from the commonly used juice bags and boxes. Strawzzle’s unique, patented design has a built-in reservoir that traps beverage, allowing it to flow while drinking but holds it back if the container tips or is squeezed. Our client and his brand manager teamed to launched the product. The daunting effort to weed through the many sources to manufacture and package the product seemed to be one of the hardest of tasks. They zeroed in on both sources earlier this year after much comparison. CP won out over the competition and has had the pleasure of seeing this product through to market.

CP helped with the structural design of the blister card, created sales samples to present to the potential clients, printed, coated and diecut the cards, provided the blister shells and blister packaged on-site. We distributed the first shipment last month to ATA. The retailer now has the product selling in the following stores: Save a Lot, Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, Shop ‘n Save, Shaw’s Star Market, ACME, SHOPPERS, Cub Foods, Farm Fresh, Hornbacher’s and Lucky stores.

See a product demo at: Like them on Facebook and Twitter…pass the word to Avert the Squirt!

custom blister package - turnkey solution

Print, Packaging and Fulfillment – Tiki Toss

Here at Cincinnati Printers we are fortunate to aid in so many new product launches. Tiki Toss is one of our favorites – not only because the product a cool one, but because it features more than one of our capabilities. When we say CP offers turn-key solutions, we mean it. This particular product has a printed folding carton header; we print, diecut, fold and glue. CP then packages 6 components into the box for shipment. Because of the odd shape of the package, we have designed a way to contain the product well enough to make it to its destination unmarred. Seeing this packaging come to fruition has been a journey but well worth it. Take a look!

Sneak Peak To Save Christmas

As a promoter of local entrepreneurs, Cincinnati Printers is introducing you to Isabelle Lafosse of Boreal Products, LLC. She is a native Canadian tree farmer here in the United States to save Christmas! This year’s drought has devestated farms and natural forests across the US, but these trees are safe and healthy in Quebec just waiting to be decorated this holiday season. Isabelle has teamed up with The Green Corner at 6524 Montgomery Road in Kennedy Heights (between Ridge and Plainfield Road). Trees, wreaths, garlands and even 100% pure maple syrup will be on sale starting December 1, 2012.

Cincinnati Printers designed and printed the marketing materials for this event, including a matching banner and yard signs. We are also in the process of designing labels for the maple syrup, so stay tuned for an update!

We have enjoyed working with Isabelle and wish her success this Christmas season!


Top Brass: Skinboard expertise….check!

In our business, companies must have the technical expertise to navigate through the complex art of print to create success stories. The value of this expertise comes through being able to execute what a graphic designers intention is on an RGB screen to final printed product that exceeds expectation. In navigating, there are many possible variables that include (but are not limited to): converting a viable image to CMYK, rastering the file, outputting a proof (in spray form rather than final printed technique – dots) then from proof to ink on varying substrates using ink and water (which absolutely hate each other by the way). Did I mention the varying elements of substrates? A substrate (stock used for final product) can be yellow tinted, blue tinted, coated, uncoated or very pourous as is a skin board. All requiring different set ups, tweeking and attention to achieve the desired results.

The success of the story in this blog is a direct result of the technical expertise Cincinnati Printers has in our team. We received a web hit (thank you Google Ad word campaign) from Justin Briscoe at Top Brass. The product is brass rounds – both load ready with one live primed. They have a base to hold the rounds, but needed packaging. Top Brass decided on skin packaging.

Justin, being in a marketing role, is unfamiliar with the substrate and its nuances. CP was there to educate the realities of the substrate chosen – skinboard. The ink doesn’t sit on top of the sheet, rather it falls in and spreads. This creates a less clean version of the image…even dark and muddy looking. In order to compensate for this, we alter the file to print more cleanly and hopefully exceed the now realistic expectations.

Take a look at the final product…

The brass simply pops!

“Just wanted to let you know, these skin cards came out fantastic. I was a little worried about the green at first, but the presentation when they are sealed is most excellent. The color is almost a forest green to olive drab, which is very suitable for the market we are tapping. They look great with product sealed on there! Die was perfect to the cards as well. Win all around. Thanks so much for the quality work. We hope to be ordering MANY more of these in the months to come!” says Justin Briscoe, Top Brass.

We love success stories. May 2012 bring exceeded sales of these brass rounds for Top Brass!