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Packaging Accessories

Packaging accessories such as blister shells, clamshells and skin packaging film are also available through our Total Print Management service. Each of these packaging accessories can be delivered from one source to you, reducing ancillary costs.

The blister and clamshells are available in stock sizes or are fully customizable. The stock items eliminate your cost of tooling and decrease your lead time. Custom designs are specific to your product and can be proprietary. Also, blister shells can be produced either as a combination run or a dedicated run. The most economical is the combination run where the setup charges are dispersed across several customers by combining various customers’ tools on the run.

CP Printers is a direct sales arm for the Berry / Pliant Corporation in their specialty film division. It is through this partnership that CP Printers can offer competitive pricing for Surlyn® skin packaging film. We sell in bulk on skids or by the individual roll. CP Printers can consult on thickness of film necessary to save money yet work effectively. Also, we can consult on start-up needs based on your forecast. We have the knowledge to make this purchase easier for you.