In our business, companies must have the technical expertise to navigate through the complex art of print to create success stories.  The value of this expertise comes through being able to execute what a graphic designers intention is on an RGB screen to final printed product that exceeds expectation.  In navigating, there are many possible variables that include (but are not limited to): converting a viable image to CMYK,  rastering the file, outputting a proof (in spray form rather than final printed technique – dots) then from proof to ink on varying substrates using ink and water (which absolutely hate each other by the way).  Did I mention the varying elements of substrates?  A substrate (stock used for final product) can be yellow tinted, blue tinted, coated, uncoated or very pourous as is a skin board. All requiring different set ups, tweeking and attention to achieve the desired results.

The success of the story in this blog is a direct result of the technical expertise Cincinnati Printers has in our team.  We received a web hit (thank you Google Ad word campaign) from Justin Briscoe at Top Brass. The product is brass rounds – both load ready with one live primed. They have a base to hold the rounds, but needed packaging. Top Brass decided on skin packaging. 

Justin, being in a marketing role, is unfamiliar with the substrate and its nuances. CP was there to educate the realities of the substrate chosen – skinboard. The ink doesn’t sit on top of the sheet, rather it falls in and spreads. This creates a less clean version of the image…even dark and muddy looking.  In order to compensate for this, we alter the file to print more cleanly and hopefully exceed the now realistic expectations.  

Take a look at the final product…skinboard - skin packaging


The brass simply pops!

“Just wanted to let you know, these skin cards came out fantastic. I was a little worried about the green at first, but the presentation when they are sealed is most excellent. The color is almost a forest green to olive drab, which is very suitable for the market we are tapping. They look great with product sealed on there! Die was perfect to the cards as well. Win all around. Thanks so much for the quality work. We hope to be ordering MANY more of these in the months to come!” says Justin Briscoe, Top Brass. 

We love success stories. May 2012 bring exceeded sales of these brass rounds for Top Brass!

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