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Miami University
Oxford OH Est. 1809

Every semester at Miami University, Cincinnati Printers is asked to participate in a Sales and Marketing class for their sales challenge project. It includes 3-4 students teamed up to learn our business, shadow on sales calls and production. In turn they pose as CP and sell our services and products back to us; we act as a current customer or prospect of  CP.  This is our way to give back to our community. We believe that real world experiences such as internship and in field projects greatly improve a student’s understanding and readiness.

With that being said…some gems come out of these experiences for us.  We are enriched with the creative thinking these fresh minds bring to the table in selling our services and products back to us. Retail print and packaging is a technical industry so where they lack in that we see idea generation outside of mainstream. At the end of each project, these students are genuinely appreciative of the experience. Not only do they learn about Cincinnati Printers, strategy in sales, but also take away an appreciation for what goes into structural, graphic design and print production of CPG packaging. Cincinnati Printers is pleased to give back to the young minds at Miami University.

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